Cameron Tonkinwise, Director of Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon University, USA

‘At last, a book that clearly locates design for sustainability within a sophisticated account of contemporary political economy. To accomplish the transition toward more sustainable futures, we urgently need the lucid negotiation of social complexity that this book provides.’

Christian Fuchs, Professor of Social Media at the University of Westminster, UK

‘Boehnert’s book shows in a masterful manner that there are no technological, ideological or other easy fixes to the contradiction between capitalism and nature. She powerfully makes the point that we need political design in order to create a better world. A must-read for everyone interested in design, ecology, communication and politics.’

Maxwell Boykoff, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder, USA

Design, Ecology, Politics is a powerful contribution. It is a thoroughly innovative, provocative and confrontational approach to pressing twenty-first century challenges at the human-environment interface. Joanna Boehnert has produced a compelling book which expands our considerations of design and ecological literacy in the complex socio-economic systems where we find ‘home’. I enthusiastically recommend this work to those interested in charting productive and sustainable pathways through today’s ecological, social and cultural challenges.’

Christopher Silver, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florida, USA

Design, Ecology, Politics commands design educators to ground their practice in critically engaged ecological literacy. Boehnert’s deeply textured and carefully crafted clarion call should be read by all who design on our earth. And it is a must for current and future planners.’

Mara Averick, Research Analyst at the Economic Development Assistance Consortium, USA

‘In this work, Boehnert examines foundational elements of human perception and design, beautifully integrating situated knowledge into the complex systems in which it exists, offering insights both relevant and practicable.’

Peter Jones, Co-founder of the Systemic Design Research Network at OCAD University, Canada

‘Boehnert envisions a possible, eco-ethical praxis sufficient to the urgency of the Ecocene era. With inspirational tempo, she sweeps across and connects the significant ideas that advance design eco-literacy, decolonizing and replacing outmoded discourses with powerful fresh starts.’